YouTube Girls

by Stephen Johnson

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YouTube Girls are pretty. This song is meant to give them the love they deserve.


A certain group of ladies need some time and attention
And there are so many that we'd like too mention
There are far too many for one short song
Which is why this one is very long

lesliefoundhergrail is a
treasure in my heart
xperpetualmotion is like a
classic piece of art

oui, je t'aime, oui, je t'adore
always leaves me wanting more

TheMugglepuff is a norwegian goddess
ianswertobob is beautifully modest
I'd like to have a picture of StrummingSally
flawedartist, why do you have to live out in Cali?

destroys decepticons in a song
Beside you is where I belong

Is so happy and full of love
Is the goober I'm thinking of

Oh, sistersalad
1,2,3 of the finest things
And I'd like nothing more than to jam
With lexaguitar16

Youtube girls are the prettiest things
They vlog, they tweet, they dance and sing
They'll make your head swim every day
Because they never DFTBA

can talk to me about anything
And Julia Nunes plays
her ukulele on my heartstrings

Is a Dutch beauty, a woman divine
As is Sanne, booksandquills
I want them to be mine

Liliesarelike is our YouTube mother
CRYSonline is like no other
gemllama is astute and wise
RockstarRaquel can have her pick of the guys

I'd like to raise you a toast
I'll write you a love note on a Post-It

You know that we all envy Littleradge and
can show me her collection of Disney pins and badges

The shortsisters are two of a kind
hayleyghoover helps me unwind
I'm passionate about passionateforwords
meekakitty is a sexy nerd


I'd like to make decent friendship with you
Where do you disapparate to?

I cherish every moment we spend together
ericaeeks, let's hang out in this
lovely Florida weather

Elffia is my inspiration
lizzieradio brings me the greatest elation
devilishlypure has a gorgeous smile
sweetafton23 I like your style

hopeonatenspeed, we could ride a
bicycle built for two
I'd like to try out all of your ten speeds
if that's okay with you...



released June 9, 2010
Written and performed by Stephen Johnson




fizzylimon Orlando, Florida

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