The Ballad of Ancherate Nueworry

by Stephen Johnson and Will Dixon

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The lyrics to this song were written with captcha codes collected during the 2009 Project for Awesome on YouTube. The song was inspired by English folk songs. The duo singing were inspired by the awesome.


It was many years ago in the land of Zenesbre
The Thetrains and Diesses ressema pressessie
The Amponcri and Inglsos were quinipt with anchess
But Anchercate Nueworry lesifter dousiness.

It is clacesm, at best, that fackoers lachalmi
And sangindour isizesses rosessu mistersi
And so the dingloge ellumizes ilitche suniath
But Anchercate Nueworry vitabia cuitipsoff.

Said Ancherate, "Rephryne! Sawfird fentabbru!"
This spinglized Gracityse, Retedist conesoo.
Said Gracityse, "Cytorph! Hantionon preisor!"
And Ancherate Nueworry grindest reishor.

"Disperim!" yelled Gracityse, "Dishmast ablusnem!
Irchili vaterpt vitylegn, wrillargui hooksingem!"
Wordines sesmshia, telibbil spelityo
So Ancherate Nueworry orkestr martylow.


Exingly did Ancherate dersavaltu spermis,
And Gracityse somspayop honmidle rechitis.
Twas shugial and pressicatt that unduckwo lebresse
And Ancherate Nueworry mishingis haingooess.



released March 10, 2010
Music, lyrics, and secondary vocals by Stephen Johnson
Guitar, mandolin, and lead vocals by Will Dixon




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